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How Do I Add Another User’s Outlook Folder to My Outlook Profile?
Last Updated 8 months ago

Outlook 2013-2016 (Desktop)
These steps may happen automatically now. Follow the steps below to manually add the account.

  1. Click File in the top left of Outlook
  2. Click Account Settings, then click Account Settings
  3. On the email tab, with your account highlighted, click Change.
  4. Click More Settings in the bottom right corner
  5. Click the Advanced Tab
  6. In the Mailboxes area, you can click Add
  7. Type the username of the person you’d like to add
  8. Click OK. Click OK. Click Next. Click Finish. Click Close.
  9. The user’s Outlook folders will now appear on the left side of outlook below your own folders.

Outlook (Web Version)

  1. Click your user picture, or the blank user picture at the top right of the window
  2. Chose Open Another Mailbox
  3. Enter the name of the mailbox you'd like to open

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