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BeaconLearning: Create a BigBlueButton Meeting
Last Updated 2 years ago

BigBlueButton is a live classroom environment integrated into BeaconLearning. It also has the capability to record sessions for later viewing.

Setting up the Virtual Classroom
  1. Access your course in BeaconLearning
  2. Turn Editing On
  3. Click Add an Activity or Resource
  4. Chose BigBlueButtonBN and click Add
  5. Give your virtual classroom a name. "Week 1 Lecture", for example.
  6. Enter a welcome message that students will see on entering the virtual classroom
  7. Set options and the schedule for when students can join the session.
  8. Under Record Settings, check the box to record the session and set the expected duration. It is important to set this setting. If you do not set this, you cannot change it after the session has started. Also, set duration for the reasonably expected length of your session as this will affect the amount of time that the recording takes to process.
  9. Click Save and Return to Course (unless you're ready to check out your virtual classroom right now, then click Save and Display)
Controlling the Virtual Classroom
  1. The top left portion of the screen shows what you are sharing. You can share your desktop, audio, webcam and start the recording.
  2. Below that, the current classroom participants are listed. You can also use this area to mute students, if needed. Clicking on the gear below gives you control to mute all students and lower raised "hands".
  3. To the right, you may upload an office document (typically PowerPoint) or PDF. PowerPoint transitions are NOT supported. (Think of each slide as an image or PDF.)
  4. If you do not upload a PowerPoint or share your desktop, the recording will feature your webcam in a larger size.
  5. Moving your mouse into the "Presentation Pane" will also give you controls to annotate or whiteboard on top of the currently displayed document.
  6. To the right is a chat window visible to all attendees.
  7. At the very bottom of the screen, there is a drop down menu that is set to "Default Layout". You may experiment with other styles that feature a certain aspect (webcam, whiteboard, chat, etc).
In the current version of BBB, you do not need to add the RecordingsBN. You can view your recorded sessions in the same activity where you had your BBB - you can even edit the title of your recording easily.

Viewing your Recordings

  1. Access your BeaconLearning course
  2. Turn on Editing
  3. Click Add an Activity or Resource
  4. Scroll Down to Resources and select RecordingBN, click Add
  5. Give your Recordings BN a name
  6. Save and Return to course.
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