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Wireless Network for Windows
Last Updated 2 years ago

Wireless Network for Windows

NOTE: These instructions and screenshots are for Windows 7 but will work for any Windows based device THIS IS A ONCE PER YEAR PROCESS. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS EVERY TIME YOU NEED TO ACCESS THE WIRELESS

1. Login to your Windows based device and view the wireless network in range

2. Locate the ‘NCU Activate’ wireless network and connect to it:

3. Once connected, open up a web browser. Note – your web browser can be Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome

4. Your web browser will redirect you to the NCU wireless activation page:
5. Enter in your email (OWA) username and password to authenticate against the NCU Activate wireless

6. Once you have authenticated, you will be prompted to download and install an .exe file:
7. Follow the prompts to install the WLAN configurator. This install will assign your computer a dynamic key to access the NCU wireless

8. Once the install is complete, disconnect from the NCU Activate wireless and connect to the NCU wireless network:

9. Finally, open up your web browser and verify you can connect to the Internet.

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