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Adding NCU E-mail to your iPhone/iPad (Office 365)
Last Updated 2 years ago

  1. Open the 'Settings' app, and then in the fifth section down, click 'Passwords and Accounts'
  2. If you have already used NCU e-mail on your iPhone, select your NCU mail account and 'Delete Account'.
  3. Now go back and choose 'Add Account'.
  4. Select 'Exchange'.
  5. Here enter your NCU e-mail address (including the at the end), your current email password, and a description such as 'NCU'
  6. After hitting 'Next', you can choose whether to sync additional information, such as calendars and contacts.
  7. If you are asked to enter a server address, enter
  8. If you are asked to enter a username, use your full NCU address (
  9. Choose 'Next' and will now see your mail under the 'Mail' app.

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