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Completion Tracking
Last Updated 2 years ago

Turning on completion tracking in your course does a couple really helpful things, namely (1) provides students a visual cue of how far they've come in a course and (2) gives the professor a visual cue on which students are not engaged.

1. In each course you'll need to click "Edit settings" in the left under "Administration."
2. Expand the "Completion tracking" section
3. Change the drop down to "Yes"
4. Save changes
5. In your course find an activity that you want to ensure students are completing and hit "Edit settings" (i.e. Week 1 Discussion)
6. You'll now see the option to expand the "Activity completion field" near the bottom of the page
7. In the drop down menu select "Show activity as complete when conditions are met" or allow students to mark the assignment complete themselves
There may be instances where you want to give students the autonomy to check things off themselves, such as reading a website link or watching a video.

8. Now, depending on the activity you may want to check "Require view" or "Require post" "Require submission" or "Require replies"

Example - if it's an uploaded file for the syllabus, you may want to require a view; if it's a forum post, maybe you want to require students to create discussions and also require students to post 2 replies; for an assignment or "complete" activity, you may want to require a submission.

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