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Enable Multi-Factor Authentication
Last Updated 3 years ago

Multi-factor Authentication means that when you sign in to Office 365, you'll be prompted for your NCU password AND a second verification. This second verification could be a code in a phone call, text, app notification or other option.

  1. Let IT know that you're ready for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to be turned on.
  2. When they tell you it's been turned on, head to
  3. Enter your NCU email
  4. You'll be taken to NCU's login page
  5. Enter your NCU password
  6. Click Set it up
  7. Chose the authentication option you're interested in
  8. Click Save
That's it! Next time you sign in to any of the Office 365 services, you'll be prompted to verify. We recommend you check the "Remember me for 30 days" check box to remember you for that service on that computer for 30 days.

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