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Turnitin Assignments - Basics
Last Updated a year ago

When you use Turnitin instead of the regular Assignment activity on BeaconLearning, there are a few things you should know:
1. You must include a name for your Turnitin assignment.

2. You must include a due date for your Turnitin assignment.

3. Expand the "Grade" section to edit the "Maximum grade" point value as well as the Max Grades under Assignment Part 1 (they should have the same point value)

5. I recommend expanding the Originality Report Options and allowing submissions after the due date. By default this is set to "No," which can be very confusing and problematic for students and instructors.

6. I would recommend setting the Post Date no later than the due date. The post date is when students are able to see your feedback. If you set it a week after the due date, students will not be able to see any of your comments or scores until then.

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