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Favorite - Make a Course a Favorite/Unfavorite
Last Updated 2 months ago

On the BeaconLearning homepage clicking "My Courses" will take you to your Dashboard. In this view you'll see all of the courses you're enrolled in.

As an instructor, you'll see hidden courses with greyed out titles and visible courses will be a brighter blue. If you're enrolled in a lot of courses, this main "Courses" tab can be pretty overwhelming. By clicking the star icon to the left of your course you can make it a "favorite" and move it to your "Favorites" tab.

"Favoriting" your current and upcoming courses may make it easier to find the course you're looking for (you can also use the Navigation block on the left to easily sort by term.) To unfavorite a course, simply click the star again, and it will move back to your general courses tab.

Note to instructors: If you were recently editing a course, you may need to click "Stop customizing this page" in the upper right-hand corner to be able to see the stars. If you click "customize this page" you can drag and drop your courses to reorder them.


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