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Wireless Connection on iPhone/iPad
Last Updated 2 years ago

  1. Open the settings App on your iPad/iPhone, and touch the Wi-Fi settings
  2. Locate the ‘NCU Activate’ wireless network and connect to it
  3. Once connected, open up Safari.
  4. Your web browser will redirect you to the NCU wireless activation page. If it doesn't, type
  5. Enter in your email (OWA) username and password to authenticate against the NCU Activate wireless
  6. Your iPad/iPhone will flip back to the settings app and you’ll be prompted to install the wireless profile. Click Install. When a box labeled “Unsigned Profile” comes up, click Install Now. The wireless key will be installed on your iPad
  7. Open the settings app again, and click Wi-Fi.
  8. Click the "i" to the right of NCU Activate, then select "Forget this network"
  9. Click on the wireless labeled NCU.
  10. Finally, open up your web browser and verify you can connect to the Internet

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